Price explanation

Customer Facebook Status update

Use the power of the Facebook status to help your business get noticed.

Your customers who have had a enjoyed their time will be asked to update their Facebook status with a reference to your venue. This will then be seen by their friends as a genuine endorsement for your venue.

Customer feedback overview

Login to see the dashboard which allows you quickly and easily see how your venue is doing. The charts shows clearly how people are rating your venue, what’s going well and what areas need improving.

Customisable Text

Write messages that you know will communicate what you want to say to your customers.

Customisable images

Upload your venues icon and banner image to help users recognise your venue.

Any emails captured

Collect and contact the users who leave their email addresses. A simple interface allows you to download customers who want to hear from you.

Venue Facebook post to page

Customers who have enjoyed themselves will be asked to write a Facebook page post. Facebook posts are genuine endorsements form customers who are enthusiastic about your product. Getting fresh reviews on your page helps you stay current.

Feedback breakdown

Drill down into the detail of the feedback left by users. Click on the interactive charts to pull up more and more information. Find out what in particular people are loving and what areas need some attention.

Facebook like

The almighty Facebook Like! Why do people pay so much just for a like? Will with the twuth’s top package it’s included for every positive review*. Get users who have enjoyed their time with you to Like your page. Not only will this add weight to their recent status update but means that you can reach them when you want. If a user likes your page then when you do a promotion, post an article or update your status it will appear in their news feed. You can instantly reach anyone who likes you with whatever message you like.

* Users need to have a Facebook account.

Industry Overview

Every industry is cut throat and only getting more competitive with the power of the internet in your customers pocket. With all the knowledge of all mankind in everyones pockets can you afford not to know how your competitors are doing? Where are they failing? Where are they succeeding? How do you stack up?

With the high end package you can see the industry trends. You can see the data about what your competitors.